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Dr Leo Jago

Website Last Updated On : Saturday 21/05/2011

Director: Dr Leo Jago

B.E., B.Ec., M.Bus., Grad Cert in Tertiary Education, PhD.

Dr Leo Jago has been the Director of University and National Research Centres for the last twelve years. Most recently, he was the Acting Director of the DeHaan Institute at the University of Nottingham in the UK and prior to that was the Deputy CEO and Director of Research for Australia's national Co-operative Research Centre for Sustainable Tourism (STCRC). In the STCRC, Leo developed and manged a research budget in excess of $28 million per year involving 18 industry and government partners and 16 universities.

For the past 15 years, Leo has undertaken consulting and research studies for the tourism industry both in Australia and overseas. Whilst these have been in quite a diverse range of areas (strategic planning, marketing, performance benchmarking, entrepreneurship and enterprise management, social impact assessment and volunteers), his main area of interest has focussed on events where he has covered the areas of 'Business Events' as well as 'Festivals and Major Events'. In the field of 'Business Events', Leo's work has examined the economic contribution of the sector to state and national economies. He has recently completed work on evaluating the 'beyond tourism' benefits of business events through knowledge creation and dissemination. In relation to 'Festivals and Major Events', Leo has specialised in event evaluation, initially from an economic perspective but more recently from a more holistic approach to evaluation that includes a range of non-economic impacts. He was the creator of the STCRC's Encore Event Evaluation Tool that has been used both in Australia and internationally.

Leo has been an advisor to many government agencies on event management and evaluation and was the Tourism Advisor and a member of the Technical Advisory Group for the Victorian Auditor General in the recent audit of the impact of Major Events. He has been involved in sport event evaluations and event strategy developments in Europe, Asia and Australia. Leo has published over 100 articles and is co-editor of a new research journal entitled "International Journal of Event and Festival Management".

For 18 years,  Leo was the owner and operator of a range of small tourism enterprises in various states of Australia and remains closely associated with businesses in the sector. He is a Fellow of CAUTHE, on the International Advisory Boards of the International Festival and Event Association, BEST Education Network and the Tourism Education Futures Initiative. He is a Visiting Professor at Bournemouth University in England and at Edinburgh Napier University in Scotland.