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Major Events

Website Last Updated On : Saturday 21/05/2011

Economic Impact Evaluations

Most festivals and events require funding from local, state or federal governments at some stage in their lifecycle and, in order to obtain this funding, event organisers may be required to provide evidence of the economic benefits to the local and state regions.

Dr Jago has worked with the Australian government event agencies at the national and state levels in developing common event evaluation techniques. He was the creator of the Encore Event Evaluation tool that was developed for the STCRC and used around Australia and overseas. He has been an advisor to government and auditors in enquiries into event evaluation.

We have recently completed an evaluation of three international mega sporting events using VISA expenditure data. The events were:

  1. FIFA World Cup 2010

  2. Singapore Youth Games 2010

  3. Vancouver Winter Olympics

Strategic Event Planning

TBEI was comissioned to research and write the strategic Victorian Events Industry Development Plan for the Victorian Events Industry Council. Developing this plan required consulting with a substantial number of event industry practitioners and policy makers.