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TBEI offers a range of services which are tailored to the needs of each of our clients. We avoid the use of 'off the shelf' solutions.

Research & Consulting

We have substantial experience in both qualitive and quantitative research and often use a mixed methodology to obtain a more holistic understanding of the client's key issues. We have worked with industry and government over the last twenty years and provide accessible and usable research.

Strategic Planning

Our experience in strategic planning covers a range of areas from a macro focus for destination management to more micro management issues such as small enterprise management and volunteer management. We work closely with our clients to ensure we understand their organisation's needs and their strategic objectives.

Project Management

Both Directors of TBEI have vast experience in project management having led national and international projects in the business events, the major events and tourism areas. We believe that clients should be kept fully informed of progress throughout the project and provide regular updates to ensure that the project is meeting the client's needs. We understand the need to complete projects in a timely manner and within budget.


Our wide range of practical and educational experience provides a strong background for corporate and government facilitation activities. We research the client organisation and collaborate with the client to achieve the required outcomes. Both Directors are excellent communicators and have the ability to articulate the key ideas emrging from discussions.

Education & Training

TBEI's Directors have backgrounds and qualifications in education and training, having taught in secondary and tertiary institutions for a number of decades. Having taught at all tertiary levels, we have the ability and skills to develop curriculum for undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The Directors have supervised a large number of PhD scholars and examined many national and international theses.